Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Paynes Creek HIstoric State Park

Paynes Creek Historic State Park is located near Bowling Green, Florida.

It's about a two hour trip for us.  Treky had a choice of two routes - neither was on the interstate.  Treky prefers two lane back roads. The big blue area on the left of the map is the Gulf of Mexico and on the right is the Atlantic Ocean.  In the middle, near Orlando is Disney World.  Treky wants to go to Disney World one day.  Also on the right is Cape Canaveral, NASA's launch facility.

Tippy and Treky both say, "Boy, we agree with that sign."

All three of us agree with this sign.

This is the visitor's center.  Inside are dioramas, etc pertaining to the history of this park.   No pets allowed so we didn't go in.

 Tippy says, "Let's just wander around the park to see what we can see.

There is a nice paved trail throughout the park.  Can you see Treky peeking through the Spanish Moss looking at us?

We will look at the rest of the park tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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