Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Paynes Creek Historic State Park #2

When we are traveling, this sign goes in Treky's windshield

There is heavy underbrush in this park but the trails are clear.

An oak tree, a palm tree and Spanish moss all growing together.

There are three pavilions.

Clean rest rooms

Park map shows the creek, the trails and Peace River.

Swings for the kids


Tippy loves trails.  She keeps her nose to the ground at all times.

There are two main marked trails.  We decided to take this one.  I think we can make a mile if we walk slowly.  I will take us longer that the stated 40 minutes.

We love these old oak trees.  We rested here.  Thanks for the bench.

Tippy acted as though she didn't see this sign.

This is Paynes Creek - it flows into the Peace River.

Tippy insisted on going down the steps to the water but not in the water.

This is the other trail.  We felt that it would be strenuous and we had already done the other trail.

Can you see Tippy?  She wanted to try the second trail but I said no!

Tomorrow, we head to Indianapolis, Indiana to an FMCA rally.  I'm sure we will see things along the way that we have never seen before..  Come on and ride along with us.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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