Sunday, July 2, 2017

Our Neighbor's Pets

Tippy was being lazy on the couch this morning and to get her up for exercise, I suggested that we walk to the ranch house closeby and checkout their pets.

The rancher has two pet goats and a donkey for his pets.  He keeps them in a special enclosure.  The platform is for the goats to climb.  They like to be up high.

That's the Billy Goat (male).  He thinks that he is the king of the hill.  We don't care for him much.

This is a tiny little female goat.  We love her.  She's always friendly and sweet.  Three months ago, she had triplets.  They were taken away and she cried for several days.  So sad.

This is the donkey.  You can see how small the female goat is by comparing her size to the donkey.  None of these animals have a name that we know.

Tippy's favorite is the donkey.  Can you imagine those two liking each other?

Almost nose to nose.  I think that the donkey likes Tippy too.

There is always something interesting to do around the Henderson household.

Tomorrow, we plan to go to Paynes Creek Historic State Park near Bowling Green, Florida.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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