Saturday, July 8, 2017

Going to Indiana

Have you ever seen Tippy so happy and relaxed?  She is so happy to be taking a long trip.

Treky is also eager to go.  See that tree on Treky's right.  It's called a "Bottle Brush" tree.

Because the bloom looks like a bottle brush.  Treky likes it.

We will leave our flag flying while we are gone.

Tippy loves clouds - She thinks that that little cloud means that we will have a good trip.

When we left home, the temperature was 73 degrees (F).  Not bad at all.

Daylight dawns as we cruise down Florida highway.

A very small rest area on a two lane road in Georgia.

Rock full of signatures????

Beautiful clouds as we enter Alabama

Treky suggests that the boat is pushing that car.  Treky is a real joker.

By the time we got to Montgomery, Alabama, the temperature had reached 100 (F) degrees.  That's hot but Treky's air conditioner works great.

These are Tennessee clouds.  

We hope to get to Indiana tonight - Still have to go through Kentucky.

Ron, Tippy and Treky


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