Monday, June 26, 2017

Treky's New Parking Place

We have always had to park Treky in a storage area - sometimes miles from our house.  Now, we have parked Treky in our backyard.  See him on the right?  Also, see our front porch?

Tippy and I sit on our front porch everyday.  I say, "Hi" to people walking by and Tippy wags her tail.  Sometimes, folks come up on our porch and sit and talk with us.  We know our neighbors and they know us.  Tippy likes this.

Back on the subject, see Treky parked behind Honda? - Right by our back door.

That makes it so easy to load and unload Treky.  Also, many times, we think of something that we want to do to Treky (cleaning, etc.) and all we have to do is step outside our backdoor.

Treky is especially happy because his solar panels are exposed to the afternoon sun but his body in the shade - Perfect.

Tomorrow, we will visit Lake Griffin State Park near Fruitland Park, Florida.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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