Friday, June 30, 2017

Lake Griffin State Park - Florida

Lake Griffin is a "walking" state park, so we parked Treky in the parking lot and crossed this little bridge to enter the park.

Off to our right is the river that feeds into Lake Griffin.

From the parking lot to the park.

Treky patiently waiting - He's so great.  While he's sitting there, his solar panels are charging his batteries.

One of the walking trails in the park - very restful in the shade of the old oak trees.  We like the Spanish moss.

More Oak trees and Spanish moss along the park trail.

Tippy insists on stopping and investigating every little thing that she sees.

Some of the wildlife that we may see along the walking path.

Tomorrow, Tippy and I will look at the Dead River and Lake Griffin; then on next Thursday, the three of us (Ron, Tippy and Treky) will begin a long journey to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend an FMCA rally.  Who knows what we may encounter along the way?

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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