Sunday, June 25, 2017

Going to PIne Island (Bummer)

One day, we decided to take a short trip to Pine Island on the West coast of Florida.

As usual, the county roads were smooth and straight. Speed limit here is 50 MPH.  That's a motorcycle that we are following.

Ah, wetlands - We notice that there are few oak trees here - mostly palms.

Tippy bets that there is abundant wildlife out there.

Look at that huge house.  Must be lots of money here on Pine Island.

As you can see from the GPS, we are about to cross the bridge onto Pine Island.  It appears to be tiny with few streets.

When we got to the private park that we intended to visit, we were turned away - No pets allowed.  Boy was Tippy steamed.

Tippy:  "We will never come to this stinking park again."

There is a second private park on Pine Island and we decided to try to gain access to it.  Can you see that lighthouse way out there?

More big houses.  This one is build up high off the ground - Protection from floods I suppose.

We were turned away from the second park - same reason.

Tippy's all steamed up again.

Tippy:  "I hate this place."

So, we just cruised around the island.  This is the gate to the second private park.  Fancy - Huh?

We did enjoy the drive - Looks tropical.

Not all journeys end in happiness.  Tippy is definitely not happy.  I'll do a better job of checking park rules next trip.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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