Friday, May 5, 2017

The Roadtrek Rally - Hot Springs, Arkansas

This rally is hosted and planned by Roadtrekers from Region 7 of Roadtrek, International.  Region 7 consists of Roadtrekers from states in and around Texas.

The first thing on the agenda is to register. I received a sack full of information about attractions in Hot Springs and the agenda for rally events.

All of our meetings were held in the KOA campground social hall. Tippy not allowed.

Fountain on a lake near Treky's campsite.  Tippy loves this walking trail around the lake.

We walk this trail three times a day and Tippy never gets tired of inspecting every inch.

These three ducks make the campground their home.  The one in the distance has only one leg.  Her leg was caught up in fishing line and she was near death when some kind campers took her to the local vet who amputated her leg.  She's fine now.  She walks with a hop but can fly very well and appears to be happy.  Campers feel sorry for her and share their food with her more than with the other two.  So she is well fed.

Are these Morning Glories????  Tippy likes their scent.

Pretty wild flowers

Tippy says, "Let me tell you what happened one day here in Hot Springs - 

We had this terrible rain storm - Lightning - Thunder - High Winds - Lots of Loud Noise!!!!

It almost scared me to death.  I'm afraid of storms - So I hid in the darkest corner of Treky that I could find, hoping that whatever evil thing that was causing all that thunder could not find me.

Then I saw Ron - I knew that he must be frightened too, so I crawled out of my hiding place and went to comfort him.  Oh well, that's what happened to us in Hot Springs today.  Ron's smart phone says that tomorrow's weather will be better.  We're (Ron and me) going to Garvin Gardens."

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. The flowers are not morning glories, It is honeysuckle. Very fragrant and can be a bush or vine. I have both on the edge of my property. It's a nuisance to me, but smells great in the spring.