Monday, April 24, 2017

To Hot Springs, Day 3

Tippy was asleep when we got on I-22 between Birmingham and Memphis.  We woke her up so that she could see these clouds.  Tippy's favorite thing in the whole world (except for Treky, me and food) is clouds.

Filled up this morning in Mississippi for $2.14.

Yea!  Look at $2.07 at Flying J.  We spent the night here at Flying J in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Can you see Tippy back there wrapped up in a sheet?  She burrows under the sheet with her nose and they goes round and round - I think she is making a nest - She does this almost every night.

Coming into Arkansas - Very flat delta land.

Much of the land here in the delta of Arkansas is flooded all year.

What is flooded land good for?  Raising rice - miles and miles of rice fields in Eastern Arkansas - Delta country.

As we travel further west in Arkansas, we see the beginning of the Ozark Mountains foothills.

We're here!  While Ron checks us in at the campground office, Tippy checks out the pink mountain roses.

We are camping at the Hot Springs National Park KOA.

Hmm, Ron likes this - Breakfast at the campground.

Treky is the first Roadtrek here at the Roadtrek rally.  He was assigned a perfect site - lots of shade too.

A pretty little lake near our site.

After an hour of walking exploring the campground, Tippy is back under her sheet - ending the day the same way that she started it.

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