Monday, April 3, 2017

Fort Cooper State Park, Florida

There is no camping at Fort Cooper State Park - It is primarily an historical park.  Note the ad for the bluegrass festival.  I may go to that if we are near by.

Those large Oaks are typical of Central Florida.  That's the visitor's center in the distance.

Tippy and I decided to follow the Seminole Heritage Trail.

Tippy stops and smells something interesting every foot of the way.  It takes hours to go 50 feet with Tippy.

The title of this plaque is "Florida's First People"

Three flags displayed at the visitor's center.  Top is the US flag, then under it is the MIA ( Missing in Action)/POW (Prisoners of War) flag and on the bottom is the flag of the state of Florida.

The park access road is narrow but scenic.

Original Florida tribes and their locations.

Fort Cooper has nice level walking trails.

What happened to those tribes?

Modern, clean and shady park rest rooms and showers.

Fight over Florida

The park ranger advised Tippy not to go within 100 feet of the lake as they have some very large alligators in there.  Tippy says, "You don't have to tell me that twice".

Story of Survival

We enjoyed the trail.

Tippy: "I'm glad to be home.  That trail wore me out.  We will be at home for another week - then we will go to a rally in Silver Springs, Florida for four days - so Ron won't be posting for the next week."

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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