Monday, April 24, 2017

To Hot Springs, Day 3

Tippy was asleep when we got on I-22 between Birmingham and Memphis.  We woke her up so that she could see these clouds.  Tippy's favorite thing in the whole world (except for Treky, me and food) is clouds.

Filled up this morning in Mississippi for $2.14.

Yea!  Look at $2.07 at Flying J.  We spent the night here at Flying J in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Can you see Tippy back there wrapped up in a sheet?  She burrows under the sheet with her nose and they goes round and round - I think she is making a nest - She does this almost every night.

Coming into Arkansas - Very flat delta land.

Much of the land here in the delta of Arkansas is flooded all year.

What is flooded land good for?  Raising rice - miles and miles of rice fields in Eastern Arkansas - Delta country.

As we travel further west in Arkansas, we see the beginning of the Ozark Mountains foothills.

We're here!  While Ron checks us in at the campground office, Tippy checks out the pink mountain roses.

We are camping at the Hot Springs National Park KOA.

Hmm, Ron likes this - Breakfast at the campground.

Treky is the first Roadtrek here at the Roadtrek rally.  He was assigned a perfect site - lots of shade too.

A pretty little lake near our site.

After an hour of walking exploring the campground, Tippy is back under her sheet - ending the day the same way that she started it.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

To Hot Springs, Day 2

This morning in Alabama, we paid $2.29 for gas - Much better than the $2.49 yesterday.

Tippy has her nose down and her eyes covered by her little paws.  She's been sleeping like that for the last hour.  Strange - but Treky and I love her.

It's hard to see but that Love's gas sign says $2.19 for regular.  Prices get better and better as we move along.

As we travel through North Alabama, the terrain starts to change - rolling hills - the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Many small family farms here - not so elegant as the Florida ranches.

This morning started at 69 degrees and Treky is almost at the 64,000 mark.  He's getting old.

Old farm house on the right - newer on the left.  I guess they must make some money.

Treky likes the rolling hills.

And turns.  Look at those wonderful trees - Zillions of them.

That truck in front of us is hauling hay.

Better picture - Treky complains that the "hay wagon" is taking up more than his share of the road.

We hope to spend tonight at a Flying J somewhere in Mississippi.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Along the Way to Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hurry, Ron and finish loading Treky.  I'm ready to go.

Washing my traveling coffee cup

Treky's rear end is loaded and ready.

He's ready to pull out early in the morning - maybe before daylight.

Tippy takes one last look at her favorite trees across the street from our house.  That white Honda is ours too.  It never goes on a trip - just for around town travel to save mileage on Treky.

We had to pay $2.59 for gas  -  -  Wow!

As usual, Treky woke us up and we left before daylight.

It's cool this morning - 59 degrees (F)  -  Look at that fuel economy - 18.6 miles per gallon.  Treky is great.

Treky's GPS says that our trip will be 969 miles long.

We are following US 27 North to I-10 in the Florida panhandle.  US 27 is four lane - mostly 65 miles per hour - very light traffic - few trucks.  Lots of horse ranches in this area.

Here's our campground in Chattahoochee, Florida.

 Main campground building and office

Campground pool

Social gathering area

Let's go to bed early so that we can be on our way early again.

Will we??

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Going to Hot Spring, Arkansas

Tippy  loves to look at the sky through the limbs of this old tree when we take our walks at Florilow, our home.

One thing we must do before we can go to Hot Springs, Arkansas is get my hearing aids adjusted.  I go to the Village Ear for my adjustment.  The Village Ear is located in the Publix shopping center in "The Villages".

It's legal in "The Villages" to travel the streets in a golf cart.

Also, we must eat well so that we can survive the trip to Arkansas.  This is Tippy's allotment of food three times a day.  She complains that it is not enough.

Ron cooks biscuits in the toaster oven

He eats the biscuits along with Jimmy Dean sausage links.  Yum!

We will take this Winn-Dixie cream pie with us in Treky's fridge.  Also yum!

For $6.00, I get eight pieces of fried chicken.  I divide it into four packages; freeze three and eat one.  The frozen packages will also travel in Treky's fridge.

Don't the chicken pieces look good?

Tomorrow, we expect to be in Chattahoochee, Florida.  Tippy likes to say the word: Chattahoochee,  Chattahoochee - Stop it Tippy!

See you then,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wilderness Campground, Silver Springs, Florida

Treky says that where ever we travel in Florida, that big blue sky and those fluffy clouds follow us.  Today, we are at Wilderness Campground near Silver Springs, Florida.

I'm guessing that about eighty per cent of the sites here are privately owned.  Some have park models installed on the lots.  The park model in the center here is finished to look like a "mini home".  Tippy doesn't like the dark color - says it will absorb sun rays and make it hot inside.  Tippy knows about such things - her degree is in theoretical physics, after all.

Here is a lot for sale - just a pad for the RV and a patito. Depending on the size this lot could cost up to $25,000.

Some folks buy a lot and occupy it during the winter months - then in spring, they tie-down their stuff and go back north for the summer.

The campground has several community buildings - The small one in the center is the "post office".  Lot owners' mail is deposited in their box here and they pick it up daily.

Treky's lot is so big that he almost gets lost.  Note his white sunglasses and the other Roadtreks .

Tippy wants to go exploring and to check out the shrubs for lizards.  She loves to chase lizards but has never caught one - same with squirrels.

There are Roadtreks all over the place.  I'm told that there are 26 present for the rally.

We cross a little foot bridge going into Tippy's hunting ground.

Then down a paved trail

Then another little bridge.

A little pond with lillies

That pretty well wraps up Tippy's exploration this trip.

Tomorrow, we prepare to travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas - A distance of about 1000 miles.  Treky is excited and read to roll.

Ron, Tippy and Treky