Friday, March 17, 2017

Trip to Arizona - Ghost Town

When I looked up, I saw that Treky had us rolling down a dirt (sandy dust) road.  I didn't ask where we are going, I just decided to wait and see what adventure Treky had in store for us.

The further we traveled, the rougher the landscape looked.

Finally, a sign.  Lake Valley??? - I don't think a lake would survive in this desert.

An old deserted building.  - Note the mail box???

A little explanation - A ghost town.

Tippy thinks that there may be spooks in there.  I don't know about spooks but probably snakes are there.  Either way we are not going inside.

What is not falling down is over grown.

A bunk house??

The hotel and saloon

A hundred years ago, hundreds of people lived here searching for silver and gold.

This is the museum

Lake Valley Silver Boom Town

Readable portion of plaque

More words

Can you imagine a blanket of silver 20 feet thick?

This is what our ghost town looked like over 100 years ago.

Same view today

Treky is a good van - he has taken us to so many exciting places.  Look at the road that he has traveled on.

A little info.

Next we will look around our campsite in New Mexico.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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