Saturday, March 4, 2017

Trip to Arizona - Fort Stockton Visitor's Center

Fort Stockton Visitor's Center sign.  Tippy snuck in the picture.

This pool of water comes from Comanche Springs.

 As the water flows from the spring to the pool, a water fall is formed.

Tippy practiced her "high wire" act on the wall surrounding the pool.

Throughout the visitor's center, there are silhouettes of cowboys and Indians.

 Silhouette of Indian and horse - Notice that there is very little green grass - mostly sand and gravel here.

Throughout the center are plaques describing the local history.

Most parks have a train car.  The west was settled due to the railroad.  It opened up California for settlers from the East coast.

Oil had a lot to do with bringing settlers to this part of Texas too.  Checkout nosey Tippy.

Fort Stockton has every right to be proud of their visitor's center - We enjoyed strolling through.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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