Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trip to Arizona - Fort Davis

We have had no WiFi or phone signal for a few days - therefore the delay.

Fort Davis consists largely of the foundations of old buildings.

However there are some reproductions of life during the time the fort was active.  This is a building that dates back to those days and was used by the Native Americans who lived near Fort Davis.

A Native American hut - Tippy checking it out.

Plaques are located throughout the fort.  This one explains life along the trail through Apache land.

A closer view of the interior of the indian hut.  Fire place in center.

Plaque about the hut

Native food and liquor

Main entrance (walking)

Official plaque

The houses in the distance were for married officers.

Only one wall remains of the enlisted men's barracks.  
An enlisted men's canteen is sort of like a convenience store of today

This is what's left of the Post Chapel.


Another view of the chapel

Little sticker burrs grow throughout the fort and I think that Tippy got several suck in her little paw pads - very painful.  That's her memory of Fort Davis.

We will try to get back on line in a few days.  We are all well - just out in the desert where signals are few and far between

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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