Thursday, March 23, 2017

FMCA Chandler, AZ Rally Day 2

Rawhide is an interesting area located within the Chandler fairgrounds and is open for FMCA rally attendees - I spent several hours here.

Rawhide has many relics such as this old prairie schooner - These were used by pioneers to cross the prairie and mountains to resettle from the East to the West.

 There is a climbing wall ? - Climbing - Yes; Wall - No.  Kids loved this.   I didn't try.  Tippy probably could climb it but she was not allowed in Rawhide.

Another old prairie schooner waiting on repairs outside the blacksmith shop

This was a snack shop

Sidewalk barbecue pit

There is something very unusual about this old cannon.

It has a wooded barrel.

There will be one more post about Rawhide.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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