Monday, February 27, 2017

Trip to Arizona - Day 2 Mississippi

It may be winter somewhere but in southern Mississippi, it's spring.  Azaleas 

A shot of my Garmin GPS showing that in 200 miles, we will be turning right to stay on I-10.  On the right side, Garmin says that it's 1.1 miles to a gas station, 36 miles to a rest area and 0.1 miles to a place to eat. Lower right shows that we have 1572 miles to go to our destination.

McDonald's was out of large cups so they gave me two small cups of coffee.  It doesn't matter to me as I always pour the coffee into the "Pilot/Flying J" cup anyway for safety reasons.

I always share my Egg-McMuffin with Tippy but she always complains that her share is too small.  Poor Tippy.

Treky is often asked about how far he can go on a tank of gas.  This shows that on a full tank of gas, he can be expected to go 534 miles.  However, when the gas gauge gets below half full, we stop at the next place - I need to get out of the driver's seat occasionally anyway.  That mileage averages about 17.0 miles per gallon.  Treky's gas tank holds 31 gallons.

Mississippi and Louisiana highways are straight and flat.

This little lady welcomed us to the John C Stenis NASA Center Mississippi rest area.

Lunar Lander Mockup at the John C Stenis rest area.

Explanation of the Lunar Lander

Maybe this is a little easier to read.

Day two was easy traveling.  Treky thinks that we will be in Texas tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. Ron great post and pics ,always nice to ride along.Say hey to trek and tip.Happy trails. Bob in Md