Monday, February 27, 2017

Trip to Arizona - Day 1 MIssissippi

We spent our first on-the-road night at the Oaklawn RV Park in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Nice clean park - About $20.00

Can you spot Treky there between the big guys?  Poor Treky, he has no slideouts.

But what he does have is a brand new Florida license tag.  Treky says that the man at the tax collectors office who issues license tags told him that the VP stood for Vice President.  Tippy laughed, "Vice President of what?  Treky: "Florida".

Tippy met some new friends.

Tippy's new friends told him that they are AKC registered Puff Puff Teughs.   Tippy told them that he is a registered Libertarian.

I get a great Verizon phone signal in this park.  Look at that antenna.  That's why.

In addition to RV spaces, this park rents these little mini houses.  Neat I think.

They have a band stand but no band that we heard.  Tippy is checking our the underbrush for snakes.

Can you think of anything better for supper than a peanut butter and cherry preserves sandwich. Potato chips just add the little bit extra.

Tomorrow, we'll continue driving West on I-10.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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