Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tippy's Home Base Thoughts

I want you to know that I, Tippy, have written this entire post by myself.  Some may find it hard to believe that I can write so well - I graduated first grade at PetSmart's obedience class,  As you  can see, I have very definite opinions about our Florida home base requirements.

"First, I think a Florida Gulf Sunset is nice but not necessary.

And I think a very large campsite yard would be good so Treky would have lots of parking room.

I love windmills.

Another nice addition would be a covered patio with two red chairs.  I could sit in Ron's lap and watch the grass grow and if another camper wanted to stop and visit, we would have a chair for them too.

The campers at one of our favorite campgrounds get together every morning at 8 am to have coffee and visit.  I think Ron would like this too.  With this many campers, you would never run out of something to talk about.

Maybe they would play games at the 8 am coffee meeting.  Ron and Treky don't gamble, but I might.

One last thing - I like to have smooth paved walkways.  I hate getting my paws dirty.  Ron and I walk about five miles a day and a good campground would be level walking - no inclines.  Ron doesn't do well climbing hills.

So, these are my (Tippy's) thoughts on an ideal home base campground."

Tomorrow morning, we leave out ideal campground and go to an FMCA rally in Lakeland, Florida.  The rally is being held at an airport.  That will be a new experience.

The next few posts will be about the rally; then, we will get back to our ideal Florida home base.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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