Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Little Cloud That Cried

Once, we were camping in an area where we had no phone signal, no wifi and no TV.  It had rained all day and we were confined to Treky's tiny interior.  Treky said, "I'm bored - let's leave. There is nothing to do."  Tippy said, "I could tell you a story."  Yeah, do that, Treky and I said.

Tippy's story is about the Little Cloud that Cried.  She said that it is a real story that really happened.

Tippy's story: " Once there was a very small cloud.  It was so small that it could not collect moisture to cause rain.  It was so small that it could not provide shade.  It was too small to be any good for anything.  Several times it tried to merge with larger clouds so that it could provide rain and shade - but the larger clouds just sent it away - it was too small to be of any use to anyone.

This made the little cloud so sad - so sad that it began to cry.  The little cloud had almost no moisture.  It had only enough moisture to cry only one tear. The little cloud cried that one tear and it fell slowly to the ground as the little cloud watched.  The one tear fell in a spot where nothing grew but that one little tear provided enough moisture for............

one tiny blue flower to bloom and it was surrounded by eight even tinier little white blooms with a yellow center.  Oh how happy that made the little cloud.  Even the big clouds were impressed with the beauty that the little cloud created.  They all invited the little cloud to join them.  The little cloud was so happy."

Tippy swears that this is a true story - who knows maybe it is???????

We leave on next Monday for Chandler, Arizona. Ride with us.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. Love that story! Have a wonderful safe trip you guys ( and girl!).