Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Day Before We Go to Chandler, AZ

Tippy says, "I don't know where all my toys are.  I know every one by name and smell.  I have 25 toys - Some are older than six months.  I miss those toys that I cannot find".

"The reason that I can't find all my toys is that we are still living out of boxes".

When I get sleepy, any old pillow will do - even Ron's foot.

Did you know that I am a high wire artist?  I can jump from the arm of the couch all the way (8 feet) to the chair where I like to sleep.

Boy, that's a long way down.

Treky drove up to the shopping center and bought our supper.

All three of us like Chinese food.  We are leaving very early in the morning to go to Chandler, Arizona so Chinese food keeps Ron from having to cook and clean up.

I bet that old tree is over 100 years old.  It's near the dog park in our community.

It rained yesterday so the Resurrection Fern is pretty and green.

 Treky woke us up at 4am - We are on our way to Arizona - This is what I-75 North looks like at that time of day.

We will try to cover our first day of travel by posting tomorrow.  Finding WiFi is much better now that Verizon has given us "unlimited" data.  So, we can use the phone as a hotspot without worrying about using up our data allotment.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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