Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Treky's Homebase Requirements

Treky says, "If you ask me, I think that we should have a "home base" here in Florida.  I use my Good Sam card when I fill up with gas at Flying J and that saves us three cents per gallon and I charge the gas to my Bank of America card and that saves us three percent.  All that saves us almost 20 cents per gallon.  So, I think we can easily afford a home base here."

Treky would prefer to have a campground with a pond and a little portico where folks can sit and look at the pond.

Better view.  Look what's on top of the little seating area.

A shady RV parking area would be a must in Florida.  That sun gets hot.

The shade here is provided by large ancient Oak trees.

Ron thinks that a laundromat in the campground is important as his clothes get sweaty quickly here.

A free library adjacent to the laundromat would be nice to give him something to do while waiting on the wash to complete.

And a nice place to sit and read while waiting for the laundry to finish washing  is very nice.

Tomorrow, Tippy will list her requirements for a "home base" here in Florida.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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