Thursday, January 19, 2017

Orlando Rally

Sunrise over the Central Florida Fairgrounds.  This is where the Roadtrek Chapter Rally is being held.

Sunrise over a Roadtrek

There are 69 Roadtreks here.  

Twenty of the Roadtreks are driven by SoloTrekyers- That is folks who drive a Roadtrek and normally travel alone.  Can you spot Treky?  Right in the center of the picture with his awning out and his two chairs under his awning.  Treky likes for folks to stop by and visit.  That's why he puts out two chairs.

One thing Roadtrekers like to do at rallies is eat.

In the rear of our dining room is a display area loaded with new Roadtreks for sale.

We are parked in a large field.  Electricity and water connections are available at each site.  There's Treky in the center of the picture again.

Every Roadtrek model is represented here.

Chow line.

Hurry, the desert table is almost empty

Our last night at the rally featured Florida Folk Music entertainment.  One of our Solotrekers bought a new Roadtrek here!

Tippy loves rolling around in the grass at our campsite.

We love our life - It is so good.  We wake up happy everyday and stay that way all day.  

We love you too and hope that your life is as good as ours.  It is said that only you can make yourself happy or sad - no one else can make you happy or sad.

We don't have anything planned for the next two weeks when we will go to another FMCA rally.  If we run into something interesting, we'll blog.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. Would you post some close up photos of the red Roadtrek?