Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Old Cars 6

Rusty Wallace also drove this 1988 Pontiac. About that time, Pontiac was the number one race car.  Now, Pontiacs are no longer produced.  It was a very good car.

Rusty Wallace didn't drive this car.  Note the sun shield which was adjustable by the driver.  I think that the wooden trip and wooden wheel spokes are worth noticing.

Back to NASCAR - Look at all those ads.  Ads are where the money came from to allow the cars to be modified for racing.

These midget cars had a racing tour all their own.  Check out that bumper.

At one time this was a street ready car.  After someone modified it, I'm no sure it would qualify for a license.  They call them "Hot Rods".

I don't know what "Twin H Power" refers to.  The paint job is weird.

This place had hundreds of bikes too.  I think these are all powered (by other than leg power).

More hot rods.  The one in the foreground has an exhaust for each individual cylinder - exhausts right in the driver's face it seems.

This Jalopy engine has a cubic inch displacement of 239 inches.  Now days, CID is no longer.  Metric system is now in force.  Treky's engine, for example, is 6.0 liter.

Maybe only two or three more car posts.  Tippy hates car post but Treky and I enjoy them.  2 to 1 so we win.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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