Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Old Cars 5

I think that this is a Model A Ford.  This may be one of the first "Continental Kit" spare tire mounts.  Throughout this facility are benches to rest.  It's a long walk to see all of the cars.

Another station wagon.  I think they are very useful for a family.  I don't know why they stopped making them.  This one has the rear wheels covered.  This one could hold nine people.  The front seats were bench seats (straight across) - someone could sit in the middle - no seat belts.

Lil Frog is one big advertisement.

Bill Elliott's 1982 Ford Thunderbird.  When the Thunderbird first came out in the 50's, it was a true sports car.  By 1982, it was just another big clunky sedan.

NASCAR racer with advertisements all over it.

This one was driven by a very famous driver - Rusty Wallace.

Greetings from the state of Florida.  The high temperature today was 74 degrees (F) here.  Low tonight will be 51 degrees (F).  Not bad for the middle of January.

More from Florida tomorrow

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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