Saturday, January 7, 2017

Old Cars 2

Treky says, "I especially like the old Chevrolets because most of them are my grandparents or great grandparents.  You see, my main automobile parts are Chevrolet. My engine, transmission, wheels, body, headlights, etc are all made by Chevrolet.  Then Roadtrek added my house parts: bed,  microwave, toilet, shower, refrigerator/freezer, etc.  I like visiting this old car museum because my ancestors are all here."

This is a Chevrolet Coupe.  See the little bowtie Chevrolet emblem on the radiator and on the wall behind the car?

This is a touring sedan convertible.  It has four cylinders - you can see the four spark plugs under the hood.

This is a head-on view of Treky's favorite.  See the tall yellow thing on the right behind the car?  It's a gas pump.  You pumped the gas by hand up into the glass cylinder until you had the amount of gas you wanted to buy; then placed the nozzle into the car gas tank and let gravity feed the gas into the car.  No electric gas pumps back then.

I don't know the manufacturer of this car.  It has a canvas top that folds back by hand to make it a convertible.   Have you noticed how many old cars are convertibles?

We saw the fire chief's car yesterday.  This is a police car.  Looks brand new doesn't it?

Time to give the Ford lovers recognition.  I think this is about a 1927 model roadster (that's what they called a coupe).

This is a delivery wagon.  If there had been a Fed Ex or UPS back then, this is what they would have driven.  See the little door right in front of the windshield?  They opened it to get fresh air into the truck.  No air conditioning back then.

This 1925 car was manufactured by the Star Motor Company.  With Ford or Chevrolet, you had a choice of black or black but Star offered nice colors.  Unfortunately colors didn't keep them in business.

I remember seeing a Maxwell on the road when I was a child.  This one has a nice red paint job.

A few more cars tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. I like seeing the cars. I did not know this place existed even though I have been through Mooresville several times.