Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Old Cars 1

You know Ron - He goes crazy about old cars, new cars, all cars - Cars and airplanes are all that he thinks about.  He says that he dreams about old cars sometimes.

Well, cars are his thing, not mine.  I'll take a nap while he bores you with an old car museum that he found.

Check this out - Over 150 one of a kind vehicles.  Memory Lane Museum is located in Mooresville, North Carolina - Just north of Charlotte.

Just look at all those cars.  This one is a beauty.  I would love to have one like this.  Headlights mounted up on the fenders - cars used to have fenders - Man o man a red and white convertible.

The Fire Chief's car.  Check out the little toy car too.  I notice that he is flying the checkered flag of NASCAR.  Do you think the Fire Chief raced his car competitively?

Those bars mounted in the front of this car are bumpers.  I don't know why they were discarded.  I don't know of any new cars that have bumpers except Highway Patrol cars have them to prevent damage when colliding with a deer.  Don't you like this brown color for a car?

This is Leeroy Yarbrough's 1968 Mercury.  Yep - that's the way he spelled his name.  420 Cubic inch engine in this one.  That's big.

NASCAR got its start with drivers who ran moonshine.

Here's another brown car.  This one is a touring car - convertible - Note the running boards and the hood ornament.  I have often wondered why they are called running boards instead of steps.

You might notice that adjacent to each car are little toy model cars.  They are interesting too. I think.  

Tippy doesn't care much for any vehicle except Treky so she's not taking the tour with me.

Lots more cars to come.  Join me to roam through this car museum.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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