Sunday, January 15, 2017

Last Post of the Old Cars

Dan Roman drove this for NASCAR - Treky likes the name, "Trip Tripper".

This was my first second car.  I bought it to run around town.  It was used and a little beatup.  My three sons liked it because they could jump up and down in the back seat which they were not allowed to do in the other car.

It was a Nash Metropolitan..  

Look at all the model cars hung from the columns

Occasionally a NASCAR driver has an accident 

See that cube of twisted metal?  That's all that's left after Michael Waltrip wrecked his car.

77 was not a lucky number for this driver

This car was a Whippet made by the Whippet Motor Company

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a NASCAR race car looks like?  Not much there is there?

 This Model A Ford Fire Chief's car is  my favorite.

This canvas top convertible is Tippy's favorite.  She says that she would enjoy holding her head out in the breeze with no windows.

Of course, Treky's favorite is a Chevrolet.  He says that this 1916 Chevrolet is probably his Great Great Great Grandfather.

We have lots more pictures of old cars but Tippy thinks you are tired of them.  So this is the last "Old Cars" post.  Next post is planned for the Roadtrek Chapter Rally in Orlando, Florida.

We hope to see you then.

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