Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Crystal River State Park

Instead of our usual traveling breakfast of McDonald's, we decided to live it up and eat at Cracker Barrel.  This one is just off Interstate 75.

My favorite Cracker Barrel breakfast is "The Old Timers": two eggs over light, grits, thick sliced bacon, two biscuits, sausage gravy and fried apples.  Also coffee.

The place that we visited is not actually a Florida state park but is the Churchhouse Hammock Trail.

It was just getting daylight when we started.

As we entered the park, we noticed that several areas had been burned.  Treky thinks it careless campers.  Tippy says, "No - This looks like something the park rangers would do deliberately."  Ron keeps his opinion to himself - besides, he doesn't have a clue.

Tippy attempts to make a thorough inspection of the affected area.

I like Spanish Moss.

Posters are located throughout the park explaining what wild life and plants may be found here.

Primitive toilets are available.  

Here we go down the trail.  Dogs are allowed.

More burned area - Hmmm

Tippy and I like these wooden trail paths.  Makes walking much easier.

The wooden sidewalks come to an end - Roughing it from here on.

Tippy says, "I hope you can read this - it proves what I said.  This is controlled burning."  Treky said, "Oh me, we'll never be able to live with Tippy again.  For once she's right and she will never let us forget it."

The undergrowth is very thick here.

Tippy spotted  a bench.  She said that it's for old people to rest.  

Tippy wants me to be sure to include in the blog the information about when she was right about the burned area and Treky and I were wrong.

Tippy and Treky love the Orlando, Florida area.  Tomorrow, we will be at the Roadtrek International rally at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando.  Treky, especially, looks forward to rallies as he gets to talk to other RV's.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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