Friday, January 13, 2017

Carolina Back Road Town

We ended yesterday's post with this picture.  Folks lived here for many years.  Note, however, that there is now a fence all around the house.

This little town had rich people too.  At one time, the main highway going from the northeast to Florida ran through this little town.  Tourists provided many jobs.  Then along came Interstate I-95 and income from tourists suddenly stopped.

Income from the textile industry went overseas.  The factory is not only empty - it is falling down.  No more jobs here.

What's left?  Well there's the liquor store - In this state a red dot means that alcohol may be purchased here.

 And there's the Baptist Church.  There are several here.

Little towns are falling or burning down - Sad - Progress?

When we travel, we see the joyful and the sad.  Little towns on Carolina back roads are sorta sad to drive through.  The people who live here seem happy - they are gracious folks.

A few more cars tomorrow, then a trip to Orlando, Florida.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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