Friday, September 8, 2017

09-08-2017 Evacuation - Hurricane Irma

Today is Friday, September 8th.  Last Wednesday, Treky announced that we are evacuating due to the predictions that Hurricane Irma may come our way.

Tippy pleaded, "No, I don't want to go.  I love this place."

Ron doesn't want to leave our home either but when it comes to matters like this, Treky is the boss.

Treky heard on TV that the interstate highways are congested with so many other people evacuating so he chose to travel on some back roads that only he knows about. 

We traveled about 50 miles and didn't see any unusual traffic.

Just a nice leisurely drive so far.

 Then when we got on US 27 North, traffic picked up.  See that service station on the left?  Traffic was backed up to get gas.  We passed several stations that were completely out of gas.  Folks were filling up anticipating evacuating.  Treky had filled up on Tuesday afternoon.

Look at the lines at Flying J in Midway, Florida.  We spent the first night here.  Midway is about halfway between Tallahassee and Pensacola.

On Thursday morning we got on I-10 Westbound.  Look at the load in this jeep.  They are taking everything they can.  It hurts to leave your things behind when you don't know what will happen to them.   Also, look at the traffic in front of the Jeep. - Clogged.

Traffic was stop and go on I-10 west.  Note that I-10 eastbound has just regular traffic.  Here we were stopped for about 30 minutes without moving an inch.  See at the top of the picture - Trucks stopped too.

This driver was afraid that he would run out of gas so he brought along five five-gallon cans of extra fuel.  Better to be safe.  Treky holds 31 gallons - much more than the average car or small truck.

Traffic Traffic.

The second night we spent at the Flying J truck stop in Birmingham, Alabama.

The next day (09-08-2017), we checked in to a campground in Starkville, Mississippi.  We plan on staying here until we get permission to go back home to see what's left.  The brunt of the storm is forecast to hit our county on next Sunday and Sunday night with 80 to 100 miles per hour wind and six to eight inches of rain.  The three of us hope for the best but don't expect it.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Sunday, September 3, 2017

EPCOT - Mexico

The part of EPCOT that I like best is World Showcase.  This lake is in the center of World Showcase and surrounding it are venues that represent many countries.  They are staffed by citizens of the country that they represent.  Going to the left, Mexico is the first country.  Going to the right is Canada.  To see it all, I walked all around the lake.

The first country is Mexico.  

The main building here houses a formal Mexican restaurant, Mexican art and a film about Mexican life and history.  Our time is very limited so I didn't go inside.  We will be here for only three days.  Maybe in the future when we have more time, I will explore this building.

This little stream runs along side the Mexican pavilion.  Checkout the ducks.

Across the walkway from the Mexican main building is the Mexican Cantina (sort of like a fast food place).
I decided to have lunch there.

A generous helping of guacamole and chips with a diet coke - Suits me just fine.

Look, I have company for lunch.

This bird's upper beak has been broken off about two inches from the end - consequently she cannot grab food.  Her lower beak hits the floor before she can grip food.  She came to me expecting to be hand fed.  I complied with her request.

This flower garden is adjacent to the Mexican pavilion.  The trees provided shade for me to rest before moving on for the day.

I passed by this fountain on my way to transportation back to Fort Wilderness, Tippy and Treky.

Tomorrow, I'll walk around the other side of the lake.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Friday, September 1, 2017

Spaceship Earth Ride

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth Entrance

There  was a long line.  This sign indicated that I had a wait of 20 minutes in line.  Nice to know how long I had to wait.  If I didn't want to wait that long, I could have moved on.

When you get inside the Spaceship, there is a revolving moving floor.  It is moving at the same speed as the cars that I will ride in.

Inside, the journey is surrounded by darkness and illuminated by scenes depicting the progress of communication.

First scene - Verbal communication and writing on scrolls - Ancient Egypt


Philosophy discussion in the middle east.

Copying scrolls to distribute knowledge

Reading aloud - Communicating

Rome - Communicating through sculpture

The first printing press

Early radio

Then TV

Early computers - Internet

Planet Earth as viewed from "simulated" outer space.

I enjoyed Spaceship Earth even though it broke down several times and the ride was temporarily stopped while I was in total darkness.  I'm trying to remember - I think that I rode Spaceship Earth ride about 35 years ago.  It should be retired or updated.

Tomorrow, I'll visit Mexico for a few minutes.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Does Tippy LIke Disney World?

Tippy: I like Disney World.  Besides Ron and Treky, the things I like most are women and children - mostly children.  I like them because they like me.  I can't walk around my camping loop without getting petted by someone.  I like that.

I don't know this little girl's name but she knows mine.  Notice that I duck my head so that she won't be afraid of me.  I love her. I love her mother too.

Not a good picture because Ron let the camera lens get dirty.  This little girl and her brother behind her love me and I love them.  My tail is just wagging.

See - I love him too.  Children go barefooted here in Florida.

This little boy and girl live in Florida too.  They have a bigger brother too who likes to scratch my tickle spot.  I love em all.

These were my first Disney friends.  That's the mother on the left and a little brother behind the little girl.

Now you can see the little boy's face.  He was afraid of dogs before he met me.  Now he's not afraid be cause I was  so kind to him.  His mother is so appreciative that I cured him of fear of dogs.
The little girl found my tickle spot and made my hind leg jump around.

Look at the expression on that little girl's face.  See me crouched down so that she won't be afraid of me?

Yep, I do like Disney World Fort Wilderness Campground.

Treky and I love Tippy.  She's a blessing to travel with.

We have about four more post from Disney World.  See you tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy and Treky.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Disney World First Day

This is the boat that took me across the lake to the Magic Kingdom where I will catch a Monorail to EPCOT.

My first view of The Magic Kingdom.  The building is the train station - the train is about  10 minute ride.  You see the pumpkins? - I'm guessing that they are in preparation for Halloween. 

I went through a tunnel under the railroad station and entered the Magic Kingdom.  I think that's the fire station over there.  The Magic Kingdom is the oldest of the Disney parks here.  It covers many acres and has many venues.  I'm just stopping over here to get to EPCOT.

This is a view of the Magic Kingdom main street - in the distance you can see the castle.

Better view of the castle, the mob on main street and more pumpkins.

At the Magic Kingdom, I boarded a monorail.  The monorail is very fast and operates above ground on a single rail very fast and very comfortable.

On the monorail, I passed one of the many Disney resort hotels.

The monorail actually travels inside the lobby of the Contemporary Hotel - the oldest of the many Disney hotels.

Hooray!  I've arrived at EPCOT.  What is that big crowd?  What's holding them up from entering EPCOT?   SECURITY.  Many visitors have small children in strollers and have what it takes to take care of the children and themselves in backpacks and bags.  The security folks take EVERYTHING out of every bag and spread the contents out to be sure that there are no weapons or unlawful devices.  I didn't have a bag so I got in a shorter line but everyone had to go through a metal detector.  I had to empty my pockets including cell phone and camera before I went through the detector.  What have we come to?

This huge ball is Planet Earth, the signature of EPCOT.  I will take at least two days to go through EPCOT.  EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

This shop sells Disney artwork.  There are also many stands selling all sorts of Disney souvenirs.

One area that I like is The Land.  There is a ride through a hydronic farm where vegetables are grown in water only - no soil.  Also there is an excellent restaurant.

I took a coffee break.  Actually this is my lunch - a roll and a cup of coffee - $7.72 - not cheap but good quality.

So, I say goodby to EPCOT here at The Land - until tomorrow.