Monday, December 12, 2016

Yellowstone Geysers Memories

Yellowstone Geysers

There is always a long line at the national park entrance sign.  Everyone wants their picture taken with the sign.  Treky and Tippy-Too are impatient to move on so I just took a picture even though others were included.  Normally, I do not take pictures of people.

Yellowstone is a beautiful and different at each turn.

I was required to show my Golden Age pass and my photo ID to enter the park.  The park ranger "awarded" a treat to Tippy-Too for being careful of the environment.  Pretty nice, I think.

This water, Madison River, is in a hurry to get to a lower elevation.  Tippy-Too says, "That's the way we cross busy streets - In a Hurry".

Sorry about the windshield reflection.  Tippy-Too says that some day she will tell us a story about a little cloud that cried.

A geyser 

That steam is coming out of this hole.  The water is boiling.  Look at the colors.

Closer look at the colors in that hole.  It an active geyser.

These are very hot pools of water.  Note the colors - I think the colors are caused by minerals picked up by the steam on the way to the surface - Maybe not.

Big hot hole to the left - white surrounding is residue.

This "hole" has been blowing steam for so long that the residue has built up a chimney - my words - I'm not scientific.

Many different colors of residue - formed waves.

Different colors and shapes here.

We see steam everywhere caused by eruptions - note the walkway to assist pedestrians get closer to the action.

You think national parks are not popular - I see mostly families with small children - Great.  Did you know that this year, 2016, the National Park Service turned 100 years old?

Flood Geyser

Another geyser

This has been a good day for visiting the park.  We'll sleep well tonight.

We'll be back to the park tomorrow.  There is so much we haven't seen yet.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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