Monday, December 19, 2016

We Found a Nugget on the Way to Florida

There's the old story of a gold miner who dug for gold for a year and found none but when he was walking away, he looked down and found a gold nugget.  That's the way it is with us.  Sometimes we find the darndest things (nuggets).

 We paid $1.94 for gas this trip - not bad

McDonald's has the Christmas spirit and has decorated their coffee cups.

When we left Brunswick, Georgia, the temperature was 66 degrees (F) at 7am.  Not bad.

As we pulled into the Florida Welcome Center, Treky started yelling, "Look, look - there's an old time RV - The front and rear look the same - You can't tell if it's coming or going  Ha  Ha."
This is the nugget that we found on this trip - totally unexpected.

Treky always checks license plates on RV's to see where they are from.  What a surprise here - Argentina!!!!  Lots of spanish words painted on the rear.  Treky and I don't speak Spanish.  Tippy says that she can speak Spanish - but you know Tippy - she sometimes lies.  Treky says, "Not sometimes - all the time".

There are decorations all over the rear of this VW bus.  Can you interpret?   I see "Argentina to Alaska" and several flags.  Boy, what a nugget we have found today.

Driver's side.

Treky says, "If they are going from Argentina to Alaska, what are they doing in Florida.  Florida is way off their route."  Whatever, it's interesting and unexpected - a nugget.

When we got to central Florida, the temperature was 84 degrees (F).  Tippy says that she feels sorry for the rest of the country - Many folks are experiencing record low temperatures and lots of snow.  Ron, Tippy and Treky love Florida.

You never know what nuggets we may find on our travels - Ride with us - Treky has room for you.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. Merry Christmas to all of you! Looking forward to a new year of travels.