Saturday, December 3, 2016

Tippy's Flowers

This blog post is written by me - Tippy.  Ron has been posting pictures of flowers and then says that he does not know the names of those flowers.  I know the names of all flowers everywhere but I am reluctant to brag about my outstanding knowledge of everything.  Treky says that I lie a lot but the fact is that I have a brilliant mind.  Here goes:

This is my Pyracantha.  I think that it looks like a Christmas decoration.  One day, the berries fermented and the Bluebirds ate the fermented berries, got intoxicated and were flopping all over my yard.  Bluebirds are pretty but they are dumb.  My neighborhood is a sanctuary for Bluebirds.  I wish they would go away.  They eat my Pyracantha berries.

In my backyard, I have a Camellia bush.  It is very old and very tall.  It must be at least 10 feet tall and since I am only ten inches tall, I had a hard time getting this picture. I ordered Ron to take this picture for me.  He's tall.  That's all he's got going for him - his height.  I love old Ron cause he does what I ask him to do.

The scientific name for this plant is WEED.  I think it's pretty.  There are lots of us in this world who are not high enough in society to rate a scientific name but we are nice anyway.  I know that I'm part Jack Russel but I don't know what the other half is.  I'm really far down the social ladder - but I'm nice, smart and beautiful.  Ron says so.  He doesn't care much for social ladders.

These are my Encore Azaleas - They bloom three times a year - Spring, Summer and Fall.  This is their fall bloom.  Ron says that I bloom all year long.  He says that I am more beautiful than any flower.  Boy, do I have him fooled.  However, it may be true because Treky says the samething about me.

See this little tree.  Looks like a small Christmas tree.  One time in 1999, Ron was up in northern Michigan where it gets very cold and bought this tree when it was only six inches high.  Now it's 40 inches high.  Everyone said that it would not live in the South becauses it does not get cold enough.  But that little tree was determined and every year, it set a goal of living one more year.  I think there's a lesson in there somewhere.

Well, we're home now but we still have wonderful memories of our Thanksgiving week at Cedar Key, Florida.

Thanks for reading my thoughts today.  I'm just a dumb old half breed dog but as Ron says, I'm beautiful, very smart and I love you all.

Tomorrow, We'll post about our Christmas preparations.

Ron, Tippy and Treky



  1. Ron,you recently wrote about Peter Strozier being your GGGG Grandfather. He was also mine. If you would like to exchange family information, contact me at G.K. Mullins

  2. Mr. Henderson, I don't think I've ever written fan mail but I just want you to know how much I enjoy reading about your adventures. You have a real gift for telling a story and I live vicariously through all your pictures. I hope to one day get to hit the road in a Treky of my own. Tippy is lucky to get to go on such exciting journeys with you. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and just wanted to thank you for sharing your stories.