Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Santee State Park, SC

From the park entrance to the campground is quite a long way - about three miles.

Day trippers pay $2.00 entrance fee - Under 15 years old is free.  Tippy notes that pets are free if well behaved.  She is.

The park suffered considerable damage from hurricane Matthew.  Tippy is checking it out.  She hates to see trees down.

As we entered the park, we found a large bulletin board.

Good information - Hope you can read it.  That's my reflection taking the picture.

Hurricane Matthew blew another tree down.  Very sad.

What about it Tippy?  Feel up to a 7.5 mile hike?
Tippy: "Nope, get me a bicycle."

Tippy:  "That hiking trail looks spooky to me.  Might be alligators down there".

One of the two campgrounds is closed while undergoing hurricane repairs.  The closed campground has 50 sites.

The building in the distance is a picnic shelter.  There are several in the park.  Tippy thinks there have been some good times in this shelter.

Can you see the slides in the children's play area?

Shower and rest rooms building - heated in winter - hot water for shower - nice - clean.  The small structure on the right contains a garbage can - Nice to cover the can with natural looking wood.

Another picnic shelter - Electricity available.

Lots of woods (that's what we call forests).

We'll finish this up tomorrow and then start preparing for a ten day trip to Florida.  We'll spend the Christmas week there.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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