Monday, December 19, 2016

Packing Treky for a Ten Day Trip

Some things, we don't have to pack.  We leave them in Treky all year round.

For example, under our bed is stored our fresh water hose (the purple thing), our 110 volt vacuum cleaner (in the Shark box), two chairs, a small table and Treky's windshield cover.  That's all on the left side of the storage area.

On the right side is a tool pouch, extension cord, extra shoes and an electrical 50 amp to 30 amp adapter.

Inside, we have two pillows - one for me and two for Tippy - Yep, he claims them both.  We take the pillow cases in to be washed after each trip.

Tippy has two leashes that stay in Treky all the time.  They are stored on the floor next to the fire extinguisher.

In Treky's side door pocket, we keep an atlas that shows campgrounds, Wallmarts, and Flying J's.  Also in that pocket is a book that lists information on all of the Florida State Parks; and a catalog of KOA locations.  Treky spends hours studying that Florida State Park book.  He loves Florida.

In a closet, I keep winter jackets and an extra hat. Tippy thinks that if we lived in Florida, we wouldn't have to keep those coates in Treky - just shorts and bathing suits and short sleeve shirts.  Tippy and Treky love Florida.

Treky has a railing running around his cockpit.  On the left side, we have two cups attached to the railing.  In the left cup, we keep the fantastic fan remote control and in the right are pens and pencils.  Above is Tippy's "Go to Meetin" dress up harness and bow.  She likes to dress up at new campgrounds.

Also, the green thing is my food tray that I use at Pot Luck suppers.  It holds much more than a paper plate.  I do have to wash it though.  The cup hold my sunglasses.

On the right railing, the cups hold poop bags and Tippy treats.

I leave this deodorant in Treky all year.  

Tippy has three toys that she keeps at the foot of the bed.  She loves toys -  the little squirrel is her favorite.

Enough for now, tomorrow, I'll show the things that we take out of Treky after each trip and must reload before each trip.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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