Monday, December 19, 2016

Packing Treky for a 10 Day Trip to Florida

Some things we take out of Treky after each trip and reload them prior to the next trip.

My clothes - one pair shorts, one pair long pants, two short sleeve shirts, two long sleeve shirts, one bed sheet and four pillow slips have to be loaded each trip.  Of course, the quantity of each depends on how long we will be gone.

My hearing aids - Old men sometimes need help hearing.

My HP 13 G1 Chromebook

 My Samsung camera.  I also use my phone to take pictures but the camera has a zoom of 21X and I can operate it with one hand.  

This case contains camera equipment:  an extra camera, battery chargers and extra batteries.

Oh Yeah, I must load Tippy before each trip.  We couldn't get 10 miles from home without her advise.

This little satchel is my office.  It contains paper, notebooks, envelopes, postage stamps, pens, Rally papers, my checkbook and a little cash.

Medicine that this old man must take each day.

Sort of first aid stuff

Hearing aid batteries

Underwear and socks

Bible and dirty clothes bag

I know this is not very interesting but several RV'ers have asked me about what I take on trips.

Headed to Florida - Come with us!

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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