Sunday, November 20, 2016

Welcome to Florida

Tippy says, :Yeah, we're here.  Look at those Palm trees behind the sign - Yeah Florida."

On our way to Florida, guess where we had breakfast - Yep - McDonald's - Egg McMuffin & a large coffee with two splendas in it.  We are creatures of habit I guess.  I share the Egg McMuffin with Tippy.

One thing I have learned traveling the last five years is that sometimes the McDonald's cup leaks or I squeeze it too hard - then coffee leaks down on my shirt - usually a clean shirt just put on that morning.  So, I pour the coffee from the McDonalds cup into my Flying J mug, that is made from hard plastic, and drink my coffee from there.    I think that makes for safer driving too.  Pouring the coffee cools it to "just right".  You know, just thinking about it - that's the way of my life now- Just Right!!

Every state has rules for using their highways.  These are some of the Florida rules.  Treky always moves over to the center lane away from vehicles that have emergency lights flashing.

Florida rest areas have pet rules too.  We go to the designated Pet Area for Tippy to "exercise".

At 10:00 am yesterday at the Florida/Georgia line on I-95, the temperature was 77 degrees (F) and it was bright and sunny.  Treky notices that many of the cars we see on I-95 have license tags from our northern states as well as the provinces of Ontario and Quebec Canada.

We love Canadians - they are the nicest people you will ever want to meet.

Tomorrow, I'll post about some of the wildlife we are seeing here in Florida..  Till then..........

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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