Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Battle of Kettle Creek # 3

There is a wall here with the names of the Patriots who fought in the battle of Kettle Creek.

Closeup of the wall - Fourth from the top is my GGGG Grandfather, Peter Strozier.  Peter continued on to fight for the establishment of the United States.  From Kettle Creek, he fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain in North Carolina.  He left his wife Margaret and his seven children at home in Wilkes County, Georgia.  While he was gone, his Loyalist neighbors in the adjoining farm burned down his house leaving Margaret and the children homeless.

This obelisk marks the center point of the battle.  When the Loyalist burned her house down, Margaret had nothing.  She took her seven children and began to look for Peter.  She scratched and crawled her way across South Carolina to Kings Mountain, North Carolina to join Peter.  The log books of Hester's ferry shows that the ferry operator loaned Margaret ten cents to cross the Savannah River into South Carolina.

There really was no invasion - It was neighbor against neighbor - 

Tomorrow, I'll wind up this Battle of Kettle Creek series of posts with the story of how Margaret, at age 90, could not get along with her daughter-in-law and traveled 100 miles on the back of an old mule to get away from her.

Then, next Friday, after my annual eye examination, Tippy, Treky and I will begin our trip to Cedar Key, Florida for Thanksgiving week.  This will be our sixth year to spend Thanksgiving week at Cedar Key.

Travel with us.  We think you will like Cedar Key.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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