Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sunset Isle RV Park, Cedar Key, Florida

Every Monday afternoon, Sunset Isle RV Park has a hotdog supper.  Here campers are adding their favorite "dressing" to their hotdogs.

We set around the fire and roasted our hotdogs.  How much better can life get?

This is one end of the bath house.  The artist who once lived here painted everything that didn't run away from her.  Very colorful.  Nice.

Someone has planted flowers at the base of almost every tree.  In the background is the cafe.

The weather here  is perfect this year.  70's in the afternoon and 50's at night.  This is our sixth year to come here for Thanksgiving dinner.

The woodpile.  Wood from this pile was used to roast our hotdog.  The seasoned wood is for sale - $5.00 for four pieces.  Tippy thinks lizzards make their home in the wood pile.  She wants to stop and investigate it everytime we walk by.

The side of the cafe - More artwork.

We'll be here all week.  Look for us.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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