Friday, November 25, 2016

Sunset Isle RV Park # 2

The campground Smoke House produces some of the best barbecue in Florida - This is Tippy's favorite building here.  She can stand around and smell for hours.  Ha.

If there is anything better than barbecue, it's fudge.  The fudge here at the campground cafe is homemade and wonderful.  As the sign says, free taste.

The Adablue Cafe - I have eaten breakfast here every day since we arrived. - Two eggs over light, bacon, grits, sourdough toast and coffee.

How about a giant sunflower in the flower garden?

This little trailer is parked right at the road.  Treky says that it helps him know where to turn in.

Treky, his hookups, his picnic table and his view of the water - He's a happy camper.

Lots more to come - It's nice to know that you are traveling with us.  Now we can say, "Look at that" and know someone is looking.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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