Saturday, November 19, 2016

Preparing to go to Cedar Key, Florida

Fall is here at my house and the team (Ron, Tippy and Treky) have decided to go south.

These are my Encore Azaleas.  They bloom three times a year.  This is their fall blooming.

Tippy says, "When you all get Treky loaded, let me know.  In the meantime, I'll take a little nap."  Get up Tippy.  You are going to have to help load.

While Tippy and I were arguing, Treky was deciding on the route that he wants to take to Cedar Key, Florida.  Here, you can see his option of going down I-95, then across I-10 to Lake City, to Gainsville and finally to Cedar Key.

Treky says that he had three  other options shown here.  Treky will choose.  Tippy and I don't have anything to say about our route.  That's Treky's business and he does not like anyone trying to tend to his area of responsibility.

In the meantime, Tippy is out in the garage inventorying the items to be loaded.

 This is where Treky stays where we are at home.  There are about 50 RV's and boats in there too.

With Treky in the driveway, Tippy is anxious to get going.  "Open up Treky, let me in."

Tippy: "This is my new padded seat. I like it."

Tippy: "I also checkout everything in the driver's seat.  Ron's getting old and he might forget something."

The last and very important thing that we must do in fill up Trekys gas tank.  Note that at this gas station, the filler handle is green color.  At most stations, green means diesel.  Diesel owners must be very careful and not use this green hose.  Damage would result.  Treky thinks they should standardize.

In South Carolina, we paid $1.99 per gallon.  When we filled up last week to go to Eustis, Florida, we paid $1.84.  Still, that's better than the $4.00+ we were paying three or so years ago.

Come on, ride with us down the highway to our next stop.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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