Monday, November 7, 2016

On The Way to Eustis, Florida

A few days ago, we were trying to decide where to go and Treky looked up at the sky and saw an arrow pointing East - so we went East.  Today, he looked up at the sky and saw arrows pointing in all directions - just confusion - so we punched our destination, Eustis, Florida, into the GPS and did not rely on Treky's imagined guidance system in the sky.

 Today, we are going to travel only about 200 miles - about half way to Eustis, Florida, where we will attend a Florida Good Sam Rally.  Almost all of our trip today is on two-lane roads bordered by large very green trees - very refreshing.

Tippy gets excited about going on a trip - so excited that she can't sleep the night before.  She's catching up on her sleep while we travel.

We note that as we leave home, Treky has now crossed the 54,000 mile mark.  He did this in just less than two years.  We left home today at about 10am and the temperature was 64 degrees (F).  That's pretty nice.

Under that criss-cross mish mash of vapor trails in the sky is a cotton field.  Many folks have never seen a cotton field.  There are many such fields in South Carolina.  Some folks who have worked in cotton fields wish that they had never seen one.

Some of the roads in this part of the state are beat to death by overweight logging trucks.  Lumber is the cash crop that replaced cotton.

Our WiFi at the campground just died.  I'll finish tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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