Thursday, November 17, 2016

My New Phone - The Pixel by Google

The box - Note that the phone is BY Google.  My previous phone, a Nexus 6 was a Google phone but it was manufactured by Motorola.

The first screen looks like most Android phones.  Top Left are the notifications.

Not a clear picture but I am trying to show the on/off switch on the edge of the phone toward the top and the audio volume control just below.  The on/off switch will turn the phone off but in order to turn the phone on, you must use a PIN or your fingerprint.  On the Nexus 6, sometimes when I was talking, I would accidentally touch the audio control switch and reduce the volume to the point that I could no longer hear.  That has been corrected on the Pixel.  It's harder to actuate the switch.

The finger print reader is located on the back of the phone in exactly the right place to make it easy to place your index finger there.  I think the finger print security feature is good.  I like it.   Note the G.  G for Google.

The Nexus 6 used a mini USB connector for charging.  The Pixel uses the USB Type C which allows "rapid charging"  This is also becoming a popular connector size for Chromebooks charging.

USB to USB Type C adapter - comes in the box.

The details.  You know when you are using public WiFi, you are cautioned that your transmissions might be compromised and you do not have a secure connections?  Well Pixel has solved that problem.  It encrypts your data.  Ah Ha. 

We're on our way to Florida - Treky  hasn't made up his mind where we will spend the night  but we'll post from there, where ever he takes us.

In the meantime, I love my new phone.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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