Thursday, November 3, 2016

Huntington Beach State Park Day 4

The restrooms/showers here are clean, modern and well maintained.  I like that they didn't bulldoze the trees and plants to clear an area to construct the buildings.

Tippy likes to "just hangout" in the shade cast by Treky.

Notice how shinny and clean - Treky's bath still looks good.  As you can see on the left, we are plugged in to 30 amp electricity.  We filled up with water before we left home.  Our tank of water lasts about 10 days.

I did some shopping at Walmart.  I like rotisserie chicken but a whole chicken is way too much food.  Part of it would spoil before I could eat it.  Instead, I bought two leg/thigh combinations for $2.00.  I did not know that Walmart carried this.  I'll look for it in the future - it's just right.

Of course, I had to have desert after the chicken lunch.  These are creme filled.

Look what pulled into site 80 right next to us.  This is a Volkswagen camper.  I can see that it has electricity and propane.  I met the owner - a woman from South America.  She has owned this motorhome since 1995 and has visited 43 states.  She travels alone.  Tippy, Treky and I admire people like this.   She could stay home and watch fake stuff on TV but instead, she's seeing the real thing - not someone else's opinion of what there is to see.

We'll head to home tomorrow for four days and then go south to a rally in Florida for eight days.  We have enough pictures and experiences backlogged to fill in those four days.

Thanks for riding with us - we like you.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. Hi Ron, Tippy and Treky:
    Thanks for letting me ride along in spirit. I admire you so much for not sitting out life and watching the fake stuff as well. You are my inspiration.