Saturday, November 12, 2016

Coming Home from Eustis, Florida

When Tippy and I woke up this morning, Treky had gone through his departure checklist, unplugged and had his engine running.  Tippy ask, "What's going on Treky?"  Treky said, "We're going home."  He wouldn't explain why we're going home but he's the boss, so we're going home.  Tippy thinks it's because Treky is the only small motorhome here  Treky is sensitive about his size.

Tippy looked around and noticed that all of our neighbors here in Eustis are BIG motorhomes.

One thing (among many many) that we like about Florida is the roads - County and State.  They are flat, smooth, straight and picturesque.  Compare this with the interstates that are loaded with big trucks and frequent stoppages.

There is an Eastern I-295 bypass around Jacksonville, Florida.  Can you see that beautiful bridge in the distance?

Treky loves bridges and keeps a record of all the bridges that he has crossed.  Crossing this bridge has improved his state of mind considerably  - -  He's one more happy motorhome.

From the top of the bridge, we can see one of the ports through the suspension cables.

Out of Treky's right window, we can see large container ships unloading their cargo.  Treky thinks it's stuff going to Amazon.  Tippy says, "No, it's stuff from China going to Walmart.  It came through the Panama Canal I bet."

Look at those monster cranes that are unloading those containers.  We see those containers on 18 wheelers on the highway often. 

Most of these pictures were taken on I-295 East around Jacksonville, Florida.

Tippy says, "Well we're home.  Treky got his way.  I know he's not happy parked between monster big motorhomes, but I like to GO.  Next week, we will be at Cedar Key, Florida for Thanksgiving week and we will be among Roadtreks, same size as Treky.  He'll be happy and I'll be happy too."

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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