Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cedar Key, Florida Flowers

I cannot identify this or any other plant.  Tippy and Treky like the  plants that we will show today - but we are not plant people.  I once had an Tulip Tree that had blooms sort of like this - but not.

Not the same plant but nice

Rusty old anchors - Treky identified them.

Tippy says that she thinks this is called a conglomeration.  She doesn't know the name but she is sure that Ron couldn't spell it anyway.

Anywhere else, this plant would not be noticed but here on Cedar surrounded by white sand, it stands out.

We don't know the name but we admire it.  It's a tiny little flower with the will to live who survived the hurricane Hermine and is now blooming - That's determination and courage.  All three of us admire this little plant.  We can learn a lesson from it.

Now, that's red red.

We saw the little red flower - now here's a little blue flower.

We will be on our way home tomorrow.  On the way, we'll post more flowers and a few animals and then maybe a few Thanksgiving day pictures.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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