Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cedar Key Flowers 2

That's a different sunset picture - don't you think?  At Sunset Isle RV Park, Cedar Key, Florida

Artist's painting on side of campground social building

An another - Pretty nice, I think - Sure beats plain siding.

Tiny red blooms

Tippy's favorite

Tiny blue

Big yellow

Isn't that called a stamen sticking out there?

We'll post about the Thanksgiving day at Cedar Key tomorrow

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Cedar Key, Florida Flowers

I cannot identify this or any other plant.  Tippy and Treky like the  plants that we will show today - but we are not plant people.  I once had an Tulip Tree that had blooms sort of like this - but not.

Not the same plant but nice

Rusty old anchors - Treky identified them.

Tippy says that she thinks this is called a conglomeration.  She doesn't know the name but she is sure that Ron couldn't spell it anyway.

Anywhere else, this plant would not be noticed but here on Cedar surrounded by white sand, it stands out.

We don't know the name but we admire it.  It's a tiny little flower with the will to live who survived the hurricane Hermine and is now blooming - That's determination and courage.  All three of us admire this little plant.  We can learn a lesson from it.

Now, that's red red.

We saw the little red flower - now here's a little blue flower.

We will be on our way home tomorrow.  On the way, we'll post more flowers and a few animals and then maybe a few Thanksgiving day pictures.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Sunset Isle RV Park # 4

Tide is half out

An island appears when the tide is full out.  The island is primarily oyster and clam shells.

That's Treky on the right with two good Roadtrek friends on the left and the bay behind us.  Treky is in site # 3

Just before sunset

The sun is going down in the west

The sun is down and suddenly it's almost dark.  Lots of reflections - Tippy likes photos with reflections in the water.

This is Tippy's favorite sunset picture - She loves clouds

This is Treky's favorite - Ron (the human third of the team) doesn't get to have an opinion.

Tomorrow, I'll post pictures of some of the campground flowers.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sunset Isle RV Park # 3

View of the bay from just behind Treky's site # 3.  Couldn't you just sit here looking all day?  I could.  Tippy: "Me too!".

This is not a sandy beach shore - mud and rocks mostly

And clam shells - There is a clam "factory" here.  Clams are shipped from here to restaurants all up the east coast of the United States.

Sunset Isle is a Good Sam RV park.  I belong to the Good Sam club.  I pay $25.00 per year membership fee and for that, I get three cents per gallon discount for gasoline at Flying J truck stops and I get a 10 per cent discount at qualifying RV parks.

This boat is used in the clam industry on Cedar Key, Florida.

This is the building where clams are processed.  The nets that you see on the left are used in harvesting the clams.

On the other hand, this is an air boat used for fishing and providing "thrill rides" for tourist.  At the rear is and engine and propeller.  Since there is no below-the-water-line motor or propeller, it can navigate easily in very shallow water.  It sounds like an airplane.  Tippy says, "Yeah, those fishermen start work early in the morning and wake me up.  I don't like them."

Big Palm tree.  Survived Hurricane Hermine just fine.  Man-made objects did not fare so well.

Tippy says, "I just love this place and looking out over the water.  Ron opens Treky's rear doors and installs the screen so that I can see out and the bugs can't get in.  Ron and I take our naps just like this.  Can you immgine napping with the cool breeze and the sound of water lapping at the shore?  Our life is so good."

Treky has a complicated electrical system - both AC and DC, 3000 watt inverter, etc. so Tippy has to inspect the electrical outlets about once a week.  That's my pillow she is standing on.  Bad Tippy!

Today, I have run on and on.  Treky says that I like to talk and write too much.  So, I'll stop for now and save some pictures for tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Friday, November 25, 2016

Sunset Isle RV Park # 2

The campground Smoke House produces some of the best barbecue in Florida - This is Tippy's favorite building here.  She can stand around and smell for hours.  Ha.

If there is anything better than barbecue, it's fudge.  The fudge here at the campground cafe is homemade and wonderful.  As the sign says, free taste.

The Adablue Cafe - I have eaten breakfast here every day since we arrived. - Two eggs over light, bacon, grits, sourdough toast and coffee.

How about a giant sunflower in the flower garden?

This little trailer is parked right at the road.  Treky says that it helps him know where to turn in.

Treky, his hookups, his picnic table and his view of the water - He's a happy camper.

Lots more to come - It's nice to know that you are traveling with us.  Now we can say, "Look at that" and know someone is looking.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sunset Isle RV Park, Cedar Key, Florida

Every Monday afternoon, Sunset Isle RV Park has a hotdog supper.  Here campers are adding their favorite "dressing" to their hotdogs.

We set around the fire and roasted our hotdogs.  How much better can life get?

This is one end of the bath house.  The artist who once lived here painted everything that didn't run away from her.  Very colorful.  Nice.

Someone has planted flowers at the base of almost every tree.  In the background is the cafe.

The weather here  is perfect this year.  70's in the afternoon and 50's at night.  This is our sixth year to come here for Thanksgiving dinner.

The woodpile.  Wood from this pile was used to roast our hotdog.  The seasoned wood is for sale - $5.00 for four pieces.  Tippy thinks lizzards make their home in the wood pile.  She wants to stop and investigate it everytime we walk by.

The side of the cafe - More artwork.

We'll be here all week.  Look for us.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Going to Cedar Key, Florida

Treky loves Florida's county roads - straight, smooth, flat, scenic.  This is on the way from Bushnell, Florida to Cedar Key, Florida

We left Bushnell early in the morning.  Temperature was 39 degrees (F). Treky's heater kept us warm all night but I put on my jacket to unhook.

One small town that we traveled through was Floral City, Florida - Tippy just loves the name "Floral City".

Floral City has a canopy of Oak tree branches covering the highway - It's a lot prettier than the photo shows.

We have arrived at Sunset Isle RV Park.  The motel part is only four rooms.   Florida recently had a hurricane on this side of Florida too.  It was Hermine.  This sign was destroyed and new colums and supports have been replaced.  At one time, years ago, an artist lived in this trailer.  It is now unoccupied.  The artist who lived here is responsible for much of the decorations throughout the campground.  We'll show you some of the decorations tomorrow. 

Relax with us on Thanksgiving day at Cedar Key, Florida tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy and Treky