Saturday, October 29, 2016

Traveling Food

One of the most important things that we have to pack when preparing for a trip is our food.  It's important for me and Tippy to eat properly when we are away from home.  I'm 86 years old and Tippy is six years old.  We can't afford to eat any bad food.

For breakfast, I sometimes eat a bagel but I prefer eggs.  The device on the left is a microwave egg cooker.  You can cook two eggs at a time.  I crack an egg, put it in the cup like container, break the yellow and microwave it for four minutes at 50 percent power.  That's for one egg.  I buy eggs in a half-dozen carton.  The full 12-egg carton is too big to fit in my small fridge.

At some point in the egg-cooking process, I sprinkle on some pork sausage crumbles........ummmm

Some other foods that I like to pack are Tippy's chews to keep her teeth clean, apples, soup and Folgers coffee singles.  To use the coffee singles, just put one of the coffee bags (they are like tea bags except they contain coffee) in a cup, add water and microwave until boiling.  That's good coffee.  In addition to food, I always pack shower jel and bug repellent.

When we stop at a rest area about 10am, I like to have a peanut butter cracker and a coke.  

Tippy says, "What about me?  I can't eat that human food, What about me?"

We include a 15 pound bag of Tippy's dog food as well as a very large water bowl filled to the rim.  She likes that.

I know in advance that she is going to be so good that I will have to reward her with a treat or two.  Her favorite is the banana flavor.

Tomorrow, I will bring Treky home and turn on his refrigerator.  His solar panels are sufficient to handle the electricity used by the refrigerator.  

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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