Saturday, October 22, 2016

Roadtrek International Chapter Rally #4

About once a year, Roadtrek International has a Chapter Rally where chapter officers are elected and chapter business is proposed and approved by the members.  This year the rally is held at Oakdale Park in Glen Rose, Texas.  There are 62 Roadtreks and 104 people (of these 22 are solotrekers) attending this year's rally.

I am told that in the 1920's, Oakdale Park was a health resort with a large pool and people came here and bathed in the pool for their health. The cabins that remain were part of that resort.

Every morning of the rally, we were provided with a continental breakfast. One night we had southern cooking (choice of pork chop or chicken).  Another night a local barbecue king catered barbecue for us and one day we got a surprise Subway sandwich box lunch.

This is what was left of my pork chop.  Note the apple cobbler - - Umm

There were 18 tables each set for six.  Each table had a little man decoration.

One afternoon, a local RV dealer gave us an ice cream social - I had chocolate with nuts, whipped cream and a cherry - I ate the cherry before taking the picture.  I like cherries.

Members often just sat around and talked, making new friends and updating old friends.  That's the best part of a rally to me - visiting with fellow roadtrekers.

One night after supper, we had a country/western/gospel/bluegrass band for entertainment.  My kind of music.

Tomorrow, we will visit the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.  You won't believe the animals we found in Texas.

Ron, Tippy and Treky 

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