Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin Carving Contest # 8

While I was touring the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, others were back at Oakdale Campground in Glen Rose, Texas decorating and carving pumpkins.  This one looks like a cat to me.

I see onions, carrots, lettuce, and maybe cucumbers.  What's this all about?  At least it was entered in the contest.

I think that a real artist carved this one.  It is a Roadtrek RV - doors, windows and the signature three little windows above the windshield - even lights inside.  

What is this?   I'm sure the carver had something in mind??  I'm sure that he/she had fun carving this pumpkin and that's what matters.

If I were a judge, I would award this pumpkin "The Most Expressive" ribbon.  Look at the sad mouth and eyes - even a furrow on the forehead.  Very sad pumpkin.  Good carving.

This one really looks like a cat.  Spooky.

I like this one best and would award it first place.  The judges didn't agree.   All of the carvers can be proud of their works of art.  It takes courage to enter a contest like this - fear of being ridiculed, etc but being among friends makes it enjoyable.  Congratulations to all carvers for a great job.

Tomorrow, we will post about Granbury, Texas.

Ron, Tippy and Treky 

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